21 janeiro, 2010


Edição Nº1 - http://sodiumzine.com/mags/one/


As an element Sodium is always present in human life, it is used to produce light sources and also as an ingredient for our cooking's. It is part of the salt used as a seasoning for our food improving it's taste and also as leavening agent used in baking, making the dough rise and grow.

Sodium Magazine proposes itself to be a source of growth and motivation, an influence on the sense of taste and a source of illumination in the way it proposes to showcase the work of young creative's from several distinctive areas, bringing it to light.

Sodium Magazine is a place for those who work on design, (be it graphic, multimedia, fashion, industrial...) plastic or visual arts, illustration, photography and any other field where the end result is an image, to meet and showcase their work.

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The Founder: Luis Pinto

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